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Cambricollege is the provider of award winning online International GCSE learning content in South Africa.

  • This powerful international program originating in the UK, is designed to fully prepare students for their international British exams from start to finish. 
  • For any student  wanting an online user friendly study program, it offers a choice of 16 international GCSE subjects plus many other vocational subjects more career oriented.
  • There are more than 6000 learning videos each 3-5 minutes long, and over 27 subjects available. See Curriculum.
  • Students can work at their own pace with a flexible schedule, or from a structured weekly schedule set for them personally.
  • The content is currently offered in over 32 countries and has been produced for mobile devices, tablets and PCs. A very useful phone app is available, with learning pods to listen to while on the go.
  • Most of the questions are multiple choice and are marked instantly. After tests and assignments are marked, a boost playlist is assigned to the student highlighting their weak areas.
  • The program is continually updated with current material. Progress reports, assignments and homework or extra work can be set by our local team of tutors.
  • Students can join a very useful WhatsApp group where they can interact with other students and tutors.  
The program is designed for younger students aged 14-16 and covers Grade 10 and 11.
  • It can be incorporated into tutoring schools and is ideal for home-schooled students looking for specific exam board content. It is not limited to students  working towards their British international exams. Some students may even choose to complete their Grade 12 equivalent with Pass GED Academy South Africa after choosing from any of the 27 subjects and completing the program.
  • Students who wish to pursue a university education can complete the program and write the International GCSE exams in South Africa or anywhere in the world. They can move onto their AS levels, and work towards a university exemption in South Africa or anywhere in the world.
 Students can enroll all year round and no prior grades are required, but we do recommend the student is aged 14-16 or older. Students have instant access to all 27 subjects once enrolled. There are no age restrictions in enrolling. You can enroll as an adult if you wish to work towards your international GCSE levels.
Everything is covered in the program so textbooks are optional. The assignments are flexible can be handled in a several ways. 
  • You can work from subject to subject on the program using the Study Guide according to your exam schedule.
  • Alternatively you can pick and choose assignments from the Study Guide that correlates to your text book.

The Study Guide is given to you once enrolled and outlines the content of all the subjects and related assignments and also lists the entire curriculum. This makes it  very easy to find exactly which area or lesson you wish to work on. 

The price is based on an annual fee of R5400 per student. This will enable the student to log into the program every day and complete the work assigned to them from their weekly schedule.
  • Full support is available to our students by phone or email from our team of helpful tutors who are able to issue progress reports and homework assignments.
  • Should you require extra assistance in certain subjects, a virtual tutoring service delivered via Skype can be purchased at a reasonable extra cost. Alternatively the program can be used at a local tutoring centre where local teachers can assist students with extra help.

Here is a full list of  the 16 International GCSE subjects. We suggest you choose your subjects accordingly if you wish to do the AS levels after the International GCSE exams.( Please email us for guidelines on how many subjects to choose) See the Curriculum which lists all the subjects available.

  • Maths
  • English Literature *
  • English Language
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  •  Combined Science
  • Co-ordinated Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT
  • Computer Science
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Business

Afrikaans can be taken as a second language but you would need to use text books to study for it.

Email us at for USAf requirements if you are following the IGCSE or Cambridge route and wish to obtain a complete exemption.

*English Literature is a recognised subject but does not count towards exemption requirements.

In addition to the exam subjects, there are many extra subjects non exam related that can be taken to provide a well rounded education. Basic Maths and Basic English are also available to prepare students for the International GCSE curriculum. See Curriculum.

  • Texts for Drama
  • Music theory
  • Design and Technology 
  • Food preparation
  • Music
  • Health and Fitness
  • Physical Education

For more information on  the Cambridge College online program, or incorporating it into your tutoring school, please email:

Watch how the program works.

As founders and providers of the popular Pass GED Academy in South Africa since 2014, we are thrilled to endorse and support this program aimed at students studying for their international GCSE subjects. Based on it's success in over 32 countries and positive feedback from our students that are on the program in South Africa, we know that you will love it too. 

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